Ta-Tanka Lodge 488 – WWW
Hunkpapa Chapter – Order of the Arrow
Webelos “Bridging” Ceremony

My younger Webelos brothers, who are ready to cross over to Boy Scouting trail, please stand and follow the Great Chief of the Order of the Arrow to the riverbank. (Skip down if you have already done the Arrow of Light ceremony)
As these Webelos start their course towards Boy Scouting, we will hear from the mighty four, the Whispering Winds!

The Whispering Winds.     (four volunteers from the audience, selected in advance)

North Wind:  I am the North Wind. I wish you truth. I have always been near and seen how much fun you have had as Cub Scouts. Now as Webelos Scouts, I see you living up to the Law of the Pack. I stand with you and I am proud of you my sons.

South Wind:  I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. Over hill and valley, I have carried stories of you and your experiences. As Cub and Webelos Scouts, I have been beside you listening to your laughter. We have run fast through the woods and I, too, am proud of you. I send gentle gales to accompany you as you navigate ahead into Boy Scouting.

East Wind:  I am the East Wind. I wish you sight. I have cleared the night sky so that you might witness all of the flickering stars. I wish to continue to clear away those clouds so that in living the Cub Scout Promise, your actions will shine bright for all to see. You are a credit to your Den and Pack. I am proud to stand by your side as you reach the bank of the river.

West Wind:  I am the West Wind. I wish you wisdom. I know of how you have grown in Scouting, but you did not do this alone! You did not walk the Cub Scout trail by yourself. Each of you had the wonderful help and guidance of your parents. Thank you parents. Parents, I charge you to continue to help your boys mature through Boy Scouting. They will still need your help. Webelos, I stand by your side with the pride of your parents as we step towards the River of Growth together.

All Winds:  (All in unison.)
We will always swirl deep in your hearts.
We wish you luck in the years to come.
We will be forever your brothers in the great outdoors.

(Reader off stage:) (Start here if you have already done the Arrow of Light ceremony)

To cross a mighty river, we must construct a bridge, the Bridge of Friendship. Webelos and those who wait to greet you on the other side of the waters, all will be needed to accomplish this task. At this time, my Scout brethren set your foundations forged out of  “Duty to Self” and “Service to Others”.

Great Chief please give the Cord of the Spirit of Scouting to the Cubmaster. Cubmaster please stand at the foundation and toss the cord to the Scoutmaster(s) for it is they who will take up your great leadership responsibility and lead your youth on through Scouting.

Scoutmaster(s) please take the red end of the rope and spread it out to show these Scouts will bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, Now place the center span "Duty to God and Country" on the two foundations.

The strength of the bridge is composed of the Scout Law. Now let each side bring forth and display the written words on the footboards. Scouts call out those virtues loudly and position them proudly in their place on the bridge.

Great Chief, the head of the Order of the Arrow and the symbol of all those who give themselves in cheerful service, please assist the Webelos as they take their last steps as Cub Scouts. Call forth the Eagle, to help keep watch over these youth as they move towards Eagle and those who will guide them onward.

As the mighty Chief bids you, please say farewell to your Cub Leaders and thank them for their many years of unending caring. Cheerfully cross the bridge, pausing in the middle to view out over your Cub Scout Pack. Salute them as your last time as a Cub Scout and then proceed to your new place in a Boy Scout Troop.

Scout Salute, …. Two…  Next Scout,     Salute, …. Two…

Scoutmaster(s) and Scout Leader(s) please welcome your new Scouts.

In closing, we of the Order of the Arrow thanks you for inviting us to participate in this time honored ceremony. Congratulations new Scouts.

(Note on our bridge: The Steps must go in the correct place. # 1 on one side, # 2 on the other side. Scouts place the steps alternating each side. The inside of wall of the bridge is marked with the step numbers to help you, the back of each  step is marked also.  To make the Bridge, divide up the Scouts on each side of the bridge, if less than 12 Scouts, some scouts will put on two steps, If more than 12 Scouts use the buddy system on some steps. After the all steps are in place, have all the Scouts on one side and the receiving Troop(s) on the other side.
 The foundations are put together by OA scouts, if needed ask a Troop Scout receiving Webelos Scouts to help put the foundations together. The top span must fit onto the  foundations so the span notch locks into the foundations, thus the foundations must be placed in just the right spot. The bridge is slippery, so the Chief should be just behind the bridge to help the scouts up. The Chief should stand just to the side of the Scout on the bridge, just behind the bridge. The scout should hold his Salute till the audience has a chance to take photos. It is nice to offer parents a photo op of their Scout with the Chief, not all Pack take the offer but it should be offered.  Note: Parents are stage for the AOL  ceremony, Parents are not on stage for the Bridging ceremony)