Ta-Tanka Lodge 488 – WWW
Hunkpapa Chapter – Order of the Arrow
Webelos “Arrow of Light” Ceremony

My younger Webelos brothers who are ready to be called by the Spirit of Akela, the Wolf, has designated that the Great Chief of the Order of the Arrow meet you at the Pack’s ceremonial Fire of Friendship. As these Webelos are being gathered by the Chief (and his Guide,) we will hear from the mighty four, the Whispering Winds!

The Whispering Winds.

North Wind:  I am the North Wind. I wish you truth. I have always been near and seen how much fun you have had as Cub Scouts. Now as Webelos Scouts, I see you living up to the Law of the Pack. I stand with you and I am proud of you my sons.

South Wind:  I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. Over hill and valley, I have carried stories of you and your experiences. As Cub and Webelos Scouts, I have been beside you listening to your laughter. We have run fast through the woods and I, too, am proud of you. I send gentle gales to accompany you as you navigate ahead into Boy Scouting.

East Wind:  I am the East Wind. I wish you sight. I have cleared the night sky so that you might witness all of the flickering stars. I wish to continue to clear away those clouds so that in living the Cub Scout Promise, your actions will shine bright for all to see. You are a credit to your Den and Pack. I am proud to stand by your side as you reach the bank of the river.

West Wind:  I am the West Wind. I wish you wisdom. I know of how you have grown in Scouting, but you did not do this alone! You did not walk the Cub Scout trail by yourself. Each of you had the wonderful help and guidance of your parents. Thank you parents. Parents, I charge you to continue to help your boys mature through Boy Scouting. They will still need your help. Webelos, I stand by your side with the pride of your parents as we step towards the River of Growth together.

All Winds:  (All in unison.)
We will always swirl deep in your hearts.
We wish you luck in the years to come.
We will be forever your brothers in the great outdoors.

(Reader off stage)

Once again the sprit of Akela, the Wolf has called us together. The Path of Akela that was opened to us only a short while ago is drawing near to an end for these Webelos here tonight. It is time for them to take the final steps of their journey along this path.
My younger brothers, until now you have been guided on this path by the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. For your time as a Cub Scout, these have been enough to guide you along this path of which you have traveled with the help of your Den Leaders and your parents. Along this new path you will begin to guide yourselves and so you must use a new Oath and Law to help guide your steps.

If you are ready to accept this new Oath and Law, turn now and thank your Den Leaders for the help they have given you all these years. These leaders have done their job well, for you are here ready to step closer to Boy Scouting. Be tested now by reciting the Scout Oath with your brother(s) from the Order of the Arrow. (Scouts recite the Scout Law.) The Scout Oath is the map for the path ahead, but to use this map, you must orient it by the compass of the Scout Law. ( Scout recite the Scout Law )

 Great Chief please give each of your younger brothers an arrow from your quiver. Scouts hold your arrows upwards towards the night sky. This arrow is like the Scout Oath. As the Oath has three parts, so does the arrow. Your duty to God is the arrow's shaft that gives strength to the arrows flight and sends the point to its mark. The point of the arrow is your duty to your country and neighbors. The point sent to its mark by God’s strength, is protection from harm and provision of aid to those who need it. The feather the fletchings of the arrow are your duty to yourself. They provide stability to the arrow so it will fly true to its mark. If they are damaged, the arrow will fly foul and miss it mark. The arrows that you hold now in your hand are not true Arrows of Light since they are made of lifeless material. Instead you are what make up the living Arrows of Light.  Now my younger brothers. Place your arrow beside the Fire of Friendship.

The light for you as living arrows is the light cast from the candles representing the Seven Virtues of Life or Arrows of Light. The arrow has seven rays, one for each day of the week. Each Scout will now light a candle (One candle is lit as each word is read.)
Light the candle of Wisdom, Courage, Self Control, Justice, Faith, Hope and Love. (If need add Oath, Law, Duty to God, Duty to Country Duty to Self to make 7)

Webelos reflect on these lights as they are put out, remember you are now the Arrows of Light.

Great Chief raise the bow that is to test from where these Scouts have come. Parents tonight your sons have become living Arrows of Light. To be of any use, an arrow must fly from the bow. You parents and families of these Scouts are the bows in which the Great Chief places in your hands. Show by pulling the string back that you are willing to always be there to support your sons in all of their Scouting lives.

Now your Cubmaster and Den Leaders will present you with the badge of the Arrow of Light.